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The Claw of Jormag

Technically, there are multiple Claws of Jormag.  They are the lieutenants of the Elder Dragon Jormag who chased the Norn and the Kodan south from their homes in the extreme north of the Shiverpeaks.  And while their master might be more akin to a living blizzard than anything else, his Claws are just super-colossal dragons made out of ice.  These Claws and the Kodan are locked in a titanic struggle up in Frostgorge Sound, but as a hero of Tyria, YOU (and a hundred of your closest friends) will have an opportunity to put down one of these massive beasties.

The fight with the Claw of Jormag takes place in the Frostwalk Tundra, just to the east of one of the best named areas in the game – the Slough of Despond, named after the place where Christian gets bogged down in despair and guilt while on his journey to the Celestial City in Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan.  In the map below, you can see the two main areas where the dragon lands to fight.

Frostwalk Tundra

This battle takes place in two phases.  For the first phase, the Claw will summon a huge ice wall.  When players destroy the wall, the Claw will be stunned for about 15 seconds, providing everyone an opportunity to attack it relatively safely.  This pattern will happen over and over again throughout the fight, so be sure not to waste time – or your life – by going gung-ho against the dragon whenever he is out of stun.  Just focus on the other objectives.  You’ll get plenty of opportunities to whoop up on him as you go.  There are Charrzookas available in barrels on the outskirts of the fight, but you can only use them during the first phase (after that, the buckets just give out flamethrowers, even though they still say ‘Charrzooka’), so be sure to use them while you can.

Once the Claw of Jormag is reduced to only half his health remaining, the second phase of the event will begin.  During this time, the Pact shows up and starts sending golems with bombs to assault the dragon.  Each time one of these golems makes it to the Claw with a bomb, he will be stunned in much the same way as before, and this is when you need to pile on your damage.  Be sure to tear down all of the Ice Pillars as the golems march to their target.  Otherwise, they won’t make it.  And just as with any big event, try to revive everyone that goes down, because you’re sure going to want others to help you when you invariably hit the dirt.

Achievement Unlocked!

To obtain the Crash Landing achievement during the fight with the Claw of Jormag, you actually have to die!  At the end of the first phase of the event – when the Claw reaches 50% health – the Pact fleet shows up and shoots the dragon down.  At that exact moment, you need to be standing at the place where the dragon’s body crashes to the ground.  You will be horribly crushed, but you will have 10 achievement points to console you!  In the map above, the right spot is at the precise center of the circle around the blue area on the right side.  If you merely go into the downed state, then you didn’t get it.  You should be outright defeated if you did it correctly.

Good luck out there, and dress warmly!


Lion’s Arch Karka Hunt!

One of the really fun new things that has been given to us along with the fantastic rebuilding of Lion’s Arch is a brand new scavenger hunt-like achievement that will have you out blasting poor, defenseless little karka babies throughout the city.  In fact, there’s really no better way to get to know all of the nooks and crannies of the renewed city than to explore it with a rifle in hand, searching for the tell-tale sounds of those little proto-horrors!

And something that you should know about this particular scavenger hunt is that ArenaNet has really done the players a favor by giving us a way to track every single crab that we have killed, and – even more importantly – those that we haven’t yet killed.  On top of that, there is a little clue given to the location of each crab so that you can go hunting for it really without the need for an online guide.  Just pin the achievement to your tracker so that you have easy access to it as you hunt around town.

Well, it’s almost true that you don’t need a guide.  There are a couple of sticking places that will certainly tempt you to go look up the walkthrough.  So, to save you from yourselves, I’ve provided a set of helpful nudges below for the ones that I found especially head-scratching.

  1. Grand Piazza – The hard thing about this clue is that it is in the wrong place.  It should say “Commodore’s Quarter” instead.
  2. Eastern Ward – Three of the karka in this area are locked behind a door that only opens at night.
  3. Commodore’s Quarters – If you think you’ve found the “flowers above the door” then you probably have.  Shooting this one correctly feels like a cheat somehow.  Just keep at it.
  4. Sanctum Harbor – Looking for some fog?  You should probably save this one for last, and then go look at a walkthrough.  That way you only used it for one of them.  Seriously, it’s hard.  Still want a hint?  Look for secret caves right at the waterline up against a white wall.

Good luck with the hunt!  Princess gives some nice gifts!