Who We Are

Aether Wynd is both a guild and a fan site for GuildWars 2.  It is our aim to provide news, information, and entertainment for fans of the game, as well as a vibrant and friendly community in-game for any who would like to join.  This site will provide content appropriate for any GuildWars 2 player, but it will also serve as a window from time to time of exciting things happening in the guild.

Our guild got its start in the Factions campaign of the original GuildWars.  Formed originally by two friends working together in the Technical Publications department of UPS, for years the guild grew to include other real life friends, and mainly served as a social hub for a small group of people and their children.

With the new and exciting changes coming to guilds in the Heart of Thorns expansion to GuildWars 2, however, and in reaction to the news that guilds will now begin to take on a much larger role in world events, Aether Wynd would like to open its doors a little wider.  We’re looking forward to making some new friends that like this game as much as we do.

We are a primarily casual guild.  Even though we play PvE, PvP, and WvW, we are not crazily devoted to any one thing.  We also have people in our guild of all skill levels, and are not interested in winning tournaments, dominating WvW, or setting speed-clear records on dungeons.  We want to have fun doing all of those things, but we don’t want to pressure anyone to be more competitive than they have fun being.

In addition, we are a family-friendly guild.  Several of our members have children who play with us, so we are only looking for new people who will communicate – whether in chat or on VOIP – considerately and with decency.  I believe that at the moment all of our members are Christians as well, just in case something like that would be distasteful to any prospective members.  None of our people are weird or preachy, though (even though I personally used to be a Baptist preacher).

We also seek to make our guild make sense in the world of GuildWars 2.  We chose the name “Aether Wynd” long before there were anything like Aetherblade pirates, but it makes us proud to think that nine years ago we chose a name that still seems pretty relevant and immersive.  I wouldn’t call us a strictly RP (role-playing) guild, but we’re much closer to that than we are to people who have character names like “XxGunsGunsGunsxX”.

So if there is anyone out there who appreciates the kind of laid-back-group-of-friends-playing-an-awesome-game style of guild that we have, then we would love to meet you and make you a part of our family.  Drop us a line here, and we’ll try to meet up with you in game.  Alternatively, you may contact me in the game itself at username PneumaPilot.9480.

And if anyone would like to be a contributor or editor on our site, please drop me a line in either place and let me know!

Have fun out there!

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