Nineteen Easy Pets for New Rangers

So, you or your child has just created a new ranger in GW2, and you need to quickly fill out your pet collection.  Starting at Lion’s Arch (or your new character’s home city), you should be able to quickly (within the first few levels) unlock most of these without any problem.  Make the rounds through the capitol cities first, since there will be no resistance from wandering monsters, and then head out into the explorable zones once you have at least a few levels down, so that you won’t be so squishy while searching for your new best friends.

Lion’s Arch

Armor Fish – You should be able to find these in the harbor, right over the place where the Breachmaker’s drill is still sticking into the sea bed.

Blue Jellyfish – These are also in Sanctum Harbor, southeast of Old Lion’s Arch.

Krytan Drakehound – This one is on the bridge between Fort Mariner and the Grand Piazza.  You’ll see a man with a dog.  The dog can be charmed.  This makes the man very sad.  That’s why you want to get the Krytan Drakehound here instead of in Divinity’s Reach.


Polar Bear – These are on the southern shore of the lake on the western side of the map.  Look near the vista.

Raven – These are right outside the front door to the raven lodge.

Alpine Wolf – Head inside the front door of the wolf lodge, and then up the stairs to the right.  Wind up a little ways and then you should see a den full of juvenile alpine wolves.

Snow Leopard – This one is on a little ledge on the south side of the snow leopard lodge.

Rata Sum

Red Jellyfish – Find the portal to Dawnside Quay.  Jump off the pier and you should see these right away.

Pink Moa – Travel down to the bottom level of the main city.  These are in the “Frick Hall” part of the map.  There are also Pink Moas in The Grove, but since these are so close to the Siamoth, there’s no reason delving so far down through the Sylvari city to get them.

Siamoth – This one is also on the bottom level of the main city.  They are in a little pen in the south end of Tark Hall.

The Grove

Fern Hound – This is on the main level of the city (same level as the Lion’s Arch portal), just east of the Upper Commons waypoint.

The Black Citadel

Lashtail Devourer – These are in the southwest corner of the Ruins of Rin (all the way down on the ground south of the lake).  Getting down to the actual dirt can be very difficult.  Look for elevators on the south side of the city.

Whiptail Devourer – These are not far from the Lashtails.  They are also on the ground, just west of the south end of the lake.

Divinity’s Reach

Pig – These are just west of the Uzolan’s Mechanical Orchestra in the Eastern Commons section of the map.

Caledon Forest

Marsh Drake – This is high up in the northern part of the map, just south of the Twilight Arbor waypoint.  You may want to be around level 10 or so before heading up there.

Jungle Stalker – These are in Sandycove Beach, just south of Bay Haven on the side of the road.

Jungle Spider – These are in the center of the northern part of the map, in a region called “The Rowanwoods”.  They are west of Kraitbane Haven Waypoint.  Again, you may want to have a few levels under your belt before heading up there.

Wayfarer Foothills

Arctodus – These are in Frusenfell Creek, in a cave east of the Vendrake’s Homestead waypoint.  The juvenile is guarded by a Veteran Arctodus.  You should be near level 10 before going up there.

Ice Drake – This one is in Darkriven Bluffs, along the eastern side of the river near the bridge.


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