Get Ready for Revenants!

As all of the Heart of Thorns pre-purchasers sit on the edges of their seats waiting for the first real beta weekend to be announced, ArenaNet has decided to give us all a little snack to tide us over in the form of a special weekend just to beta test the new Revenant profession!  Starting this Friday at 3:00 PM Eastern, and lasting until 3:00 PM Eastern on Monday afternoon, players will be able to roll up a new Revenant – presumably using the beta character slot that we were all given when we made the pre-purchase.

So far, ArenaNet has provided us with an explanation of the Revenant mechanics, and outlined three of the eventual five core specializations that will furnish the Revenant with the legends that form the basis of its class features.  We know about Mallyx, Jalis, and Ventari at this point, but it must be remembered that ArenaNet has currently said nothing about this new Revenant beta weekend providing us with any further details into the other two core specializations and their legends.  In fact, the news article over on the main site makes a point to mention that we will get to play with the “newly announced” Ventari and staff weapon, so chances of anything new coming out during the test seem very slim.

Still, the prospects of getting to run the Revenant – even a much-limited form of the final Revenant – through its paces in PvE, WvW, and sPvP (including the new Stronghold game mode!) are pretty exciting.  I, for one, can’t wait to go straight to sPvP and start playing with the full trait bars.  Then I’m sure I’ll get my butt handed to me over and over again in Stronghold.  That will be so fun, however, that the losses won’t bother me a bit!

How do you plan to spend your preview time with the Revenant?  Fancy leveling one up in the core game, or would you rather try one out in the Eternal Battlegrounds?  Let us know in the comments below!


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