Burnin’ Down the House!

Now that the June 23rd update to the traits, conditions, and professions of the game has gone live, little old Fizlip feels like he has just received a load of birthday, Christmas, and Hanukkah gifts all at once!

Never one to play the meta, my little level 80 Asuran Guardian would have been laughed out of most discussions of competitive viability.  I always wanted him to be a tank that set fire to everything around him, so I specced him that way.  All his gear has always been of the ‘Dire’ variety (Toughness, Vitality, and Condition Damage), and all of his runes and sigils and whatnot boost condition damage and burning duration.  This was considered a stupid move by most in the past, as It seemed that the maximum amount of burning damage that I could realistically apply was around 650 per second or so.  And since he wasn’t specced for Power, Precision, and Furiosity, his regular hits didn’t do a whole lot of damage either.

Strangely enough, Fizlip’s ‘handicap’ didn’t really seem to hurt him very much in sPvP, where he more often than not scored as the top player of the round, but I could see the effects in PvE.  It would take him a lot longer (and many more hits) to bring down most enemies when compared to those with ‘zerker gear.

That has all changed now, though, after the patch that ArenaNet dropped on June 23rd!  Just as an experiment, I started agroing everything in the area and then stacked burning (Yay! Stacking burning!) as fast I could. I was able to apply 10 stacks of burn in less than two seconds, but all those enemies were dead by the time I registered the fact that I had made it to double digits!

I don’t know how long this particular Golden Age of Fizlip (TM) will continue – I’ve already heard grumblings about the insane amount of possible burning damage over on Reddit – but it sure is fun while it lasts!


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